Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ah. Ha. Haaa--

Seems I done gone and dids my blog post#4. Well, if I do hear back from the illustrious TradeMark G., then I shall ask him more direct questions:

What do you think about Negativland_, in general?
How have they inspired you? Have they inspired you?
Would you ever collaborate with them on a larger project?
Do you know what Negativland_ thinks of you and what you have done?
Would you ever do a dance-mix homage to some of their work? I think I'd enjoy that. A lot.
Has Negativland_ ever taken you under their wing, so to speak? If so, would you ever consider doing the same for another aspiring "collage" artist(s)?

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Alex Pullen said...

Ha. Well at least you don't have to worry about doing this assignment anymore. But anyway, I think that Negative Land is a hard topic to discuss and I give you credit for choosing it. Your questions sound good and to the point. It might be good that you have gotten an outsiders point of view and later can get a more direct point of view about people who already know them. Good job and lucky you.