Thursday, January 31, 2008

Personal Foreword

If the internet has given me anything, it has given me variety unparalleled. While blogs have never grabbed my proverbial goat, I have noticed their immense power and range. They hold range both contextually and pervasively; I have seen very interesting blogs by homeless people, aggressive (and at times viral) politically driven blogs, and the ever-popular blogs about a 16 year old girl who just ate a fairly mediocre sandwich. My hope would be to make this blogging endeavor an interesting one because it will be the first time I have brought myself to this particular time sink.

My name is James Lipo. I'm earning a BA in both Psychology and Media & Communications Studies here at UMBC. In this web log I will attempt to bring in depth information concerning subjects as required by my Popular Culture course, as well as little tid-bits and gems that I find lying around the internet. The attached video is a fine example, as well as the ones above this post. I am a lurker as well as a real participator; like many, the internet has soothed much of my many interests. Let me also treat any mouth breathing hysteria about my blog's title: Poopular Culture uhuhuhuh. Anyone already familiar with the work of Mike Judge may already "get" my reference to his brand of popular culture commentary. Rest assured, I do not have any severe fascination with feces. Three things I may have a fascination with in the future of this blog:
1. UFC, Ultimate Fighting Champion. I've dabbled quite a bit in Bushido Jiu-Jitsu as well as Goju-ryu Karate many moons ago but have never really invested the time to become interested in this budding sport.
2. Mash-Ups and other experimental music with a side of copyright reformation. Another instance of knowing where to go on the internet to learn the information but not having done so yet.
3. The TED Conferences; I've looked at some of the presentations but not nearly jumped into all its nerdy glory yet.

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